May 5, 2008

Integrate Any Function Online for Free!

I'm sure that any student of calculus would have encountered close to impossible looking problems in his daily life. Well, lets face it. Integration isn't that easy. Like they've taught us from the beginning, not all functions can be integrated.

So, what would you do if no one is able to tackle a problem ? Even your Math professor ? You take up Scilab, huh ? But what if its not available ? I'll tell what you should do. And its a lot easier. So easy that I got addicted to it.

Here's the deal. The nice guys at Wolfram Research have released a free online tool called "Wolfram Integrator" which, obviously, integrates the functions that we enter. It uses complex algebra and different methods to arrive to its answer. It uses the revolutionary "Mathematica" engine to deliver accurate answers. So, be sure to check it out at :